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Product image 1Bear Creek Leather Clutch available in 3 sizes in Tanned Cowhide
Product image 2Handmade Tanned Cowhide/Stamped Leather with heavy duty nylon stitching
Product image 3Bear Creek Leather Clutches for special occasions and everyday.
Product image 4Clutches
Product image 5Hair-On Cowhide Leather available in many hides from Bear Creek Leather
Product image 6Clutches
Product image 7Clutches
Product image 8Clutches
Product image 9Clutches
Product image 10Clutches
Product image 11Clutches
Product image 12Clutches
Product image 13Clutches

Regular price $49.00

The Bear Creek Leather Clutch is our best-seller. Now available in three sizes for all types of uses: 

  • Handbag / Purse for the woman on the move
  • Make-up Bag
  • Organize Your Car
  • Quick Phone / Camera case
  • What would you use our clutch for?

Handmade item
Available: Hair-On and Leather
Three sizes:

  • Small - 7” (Width), 4.75” (Tall)
  • Medium - 9.5” (Width), 5.75” (Tall) 
  • Large - 9.5” (Width), 7.5” (Tall)

Materials - Tanned Cowhide/Stamped Leather, Heavy Duty Nylon Stitching, Chrome/Brass Hardware. *Leather lined clutches are optional.*

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