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Men's Double Layer Leather Belts

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This belt might be the last one you ever have to buy. Built to last for many years and it will only get better with time and use. Regardless if you are wearing it for the ranch, office, or family gatherings, this belt will be there for you. This is not your big box store belt. Our belts are built tough and built to last but look great at the same time.

Handmade item - One at a Time.
Sizes - Cut to order, please view "how to measure" below 
Dimensions - Belts are 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" wide
Materials - Bear Creek Leather Belts are constructed of two layers of bull hide. The top layer is dip-dyed in high-grade professional oil dye and the bottom layer (body side) is left natural.


The Bear Creek belts are constructed of two layers of bull hide. The top layer is dip-dyed in high-grade professional oil dye and the bottom layer (body side) is left natural. The two layers are glued together and then sewn together with heavy bonded nylon thread. Bear Creek Leather uses Black thread on all belts. After the belt is constructed, it is very slightly under ¼ of an inch thick. This helps eliminate or significantly minimize sagging in the belt as well as stretching. Single layer belts have a tendency to sag or stretch with use and especially if you are carrying a firearm or other gear.

Your belt is hand buffed and the edges are rounded, sanded and burnished to a smooth finish. The edges are also sealed with an edge dye and then buffed to make the belt look and work great. The entire belt is sealed with a leather sealer to give it a great look. The belt keeper is hand sewn with the same heavy duty nylon thread, not stapled like some belts.

We punch 7 holes in your belt. The center hole is the measurement you give us. See how to measure an existing belt below! Then 3 holes are punched on either side of the center hole. These holes are ¾ of an inch apart, which allows for adjustment. If you prefer 5 holes 1 inch apart or in any other combination, just let us know when you order.

For some larger size belts, excellent top grade cowhide is used and you get the same quality belt.


How to Measure a Bear Creek Leather BeltTake an existing belt and find the hole you most commonly use. If you wear with a gun, make sure you have the gun on when you are determining which hole is most commonly used. Then remove your belt and lay it on a flat surface. Measure from the inside of the buckle ends to the hole most commonly used. See the picture below to see how to measure your existing belt.

YOU MUST MEASURE THIS WAY. We cannot exchange your belt if you measure incorrectly.

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